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Take a look at the current shakes available for pre-order. This is just a taste of what you'll get at the best milkshake stop in the galaxy, and you can press "Order-Now" if you'd like to have one of these ready when you get here!

milkshake A

Galaxy Shake

Experience the flavor of space with this one-of-a-kind specialty shake. $6.99

milkshake B

Cranberry Shake

The local life keeps this special fruit floating in lakes for some kind of ritual purpose. Enhance your mind. $5.99

milkshake C

Mint Cream Shake

Feel fresh to death with this subtle minty flavor. $4.99

milkshake D

Yellow Shake

Is it banana? Is it lemon? No, it's yellow. Discover what colors taste like. $4.99

milkshake E

Chocolate Honey Shake

Destroy your teeth with this aggressively sweet chocolate shake combined with honey fresh from the space bee farm. $5.99

milkshake F

Blue Shake

Inspired by the Yellow Shake, this Blue Shake will leave you wondering what "blue raspberry" is supposed to mean. $5.99

milkshake G

Fruitcake Shake

This combination of fruits from across the galaxy might just blow your mind. Infinitely better than an actual fruit cake. $5.99